El foro internacional "Metal Cup 2020" se celebrará del 17 al 21 de octubre de 2020 en Wenzhou, China,

La Asociación "Plataforma juvenil de metalúrgicos profesionales", Rusia y la Universidad de Wenzhou, China, lo invita a participar en el evento más grande del mundo de la metalurgia 2020: el Foro Internacional de la Juventud "Copa de Metal 2020"

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The international technological strategy championship in metallurgy “Metal Cup” (metalcup.org) is a professional command competition of youth international teams from technical universities and vocational educational institutions (technical schools and colleges) in the solution of urgent industry tasks (cases) and development of project solutions in the industry.

The championship is held with the aim of developing strategic thinking and adapting young engineers to professional activities in metallurgy. The main technology used in the championship is the case-method which is widely used to solve industrial development tasks. The case used in the championship is a structured analytical review of the current activities of an enterprise (industry) with a direct relationship with the real working environment in production. Championship participants need to study the material resented in the case, assess the production situation, form a list of narrow links, propose and justify the most effective solution.

The Championship of the technological strategy “”Metal Cup” is a traditional action among young specialists of a metallurgical industry since 2015. In 2016 the first Russian Championship was taken by young people from 8 subjects of the Russian Federation and 35 industrial partners. In 2017 participants of the Championship were students of 5 BRICS countries and in the territory of the Russian Federation the number of qualifying stages increased to 14 (12 regions). In 2018 more than 22 cities of the Russian Federation and over 2000 participants participated in the Championship. In 2019, students from 33 educational institutions of the Russian Federation took part in the Championship, and at the International Final, teams from their 10 countries presented strategies for developing their country's industry. In total, the participants of the Championship developed more than 700 projects solutions and some of them received grant support, were awarded special awards. The new season of the championship is the fifth and is dedicated to the planning and management of large investment projects in metallurgy. An important task “Metal Cup.

Gold season.” is the development of tolls of multi-government cooperation in order to implement large-scale technological projects. Venue: The main event of the Championship is the International Grand- final will be held in period from 17 to 21 October in Wenzhou (China).

The final will be held in conjunction with the largest World Young Scientists Summit and more than 20 student teams from different countries will take part in it. Gathering of teams is at the discretion of the participating countries of the Championship among university students.

The number of team members should be from 3 to 10 people excluding the training coach. Participant age: 16-30 years old, bachelor, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The key dates of the International Grand final: - until July 1- accepting applications for participation from universities; - until August 1- sending information about the participants of the Championship (students, mentors, accompanying persons) and registration at the website metalcup.org - until September 10 - confirmation of participation; - from September 15 - work on the preparation of the solutions of the case - until October 10 - sending solutions of the case to the organizing committee; - from October 17-21 – holding the Championship Grand final. Participants of the Championship come to participate in the International Conference and Innovation expo in the framework of the forum. Also participants are given the opportunity to attend the World Young Scientist Summit, and utilize the wonderful opportunity to have direct, face-to-face professional communication with Noble Prize Winners, Academicians, Fellows and Professional Academic Experts and Entrepreneurs. Detailed information about all events available at the website metalcup.org


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